Info Canteens

Canteens for breakfast lunch and dinner - Katrinelunds gymnasium, Hvitfeldska Norra and Burgården gymnasium

Canteens only for breakfast - Nordhem school, Kalltorp school, Frolunda school and Karl-Johan school

Please note - at lunch and dinner, we are NOT serving pork, shell fish or nuts in any of our dishes

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
BREAKFAST- 07.00-09.30
LUNCH - 10.30-15.30
DINNER - 16.30- 21.00

BREAKFAST- 07.00-10.30

Milk, kefir, cereal/müsli, applesauce/jam, sliced dark and white bread, crisp bread, marmalade, turkey cold cuts, ham, sliced cheese, pepper, cucumber, juice, tea & coffee.

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